BUY NOW! Belmont Peanuts Specialty Collections Gourmet Virginia Flovared Peanuts,10oz Can (Bloody Mary, 2-Pack)
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  • These crunchy, super extra-large lightly salted Virginia peanuts
  • A perfect size if you are planning a gathering, giving a gift, or just need a stash to keep around the house.
  • Grown in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern Nprth Carolina, USA, our family only selects the top 2% of the crop for roasting in small batches.
  • Cholesterol free, 0 trans fats, sugar free, Family Owned Since 1993
  • Freshness, quality and customer service is our commitment everyday.
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Product Description

The product was without a doubt – peanuts! I grew up on a farm in Northeastern North Carolina where my father grew peanuts each and every year. As a young girl, I watched my father plant his crops, cultivate them through the growing season and finally prepare for the harvest in the fall. Bob, my husband, and his brother Mike, are also in the agricultural business and yes, peanuts are a regular crop even today. We live in an area called the “Heart of Peanut Country.” It is this area, Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina that produces the “Virginia Type Peanut” that is so well known. We wanted to share what we, along with other area farmers, grow with pride in producing the freshest, hand-cooked, hand- seasoned premium quality peanut in the marketplace


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